Solutions For You And For Your Business!

Company Name Check

We check that the name you choose is available (the company register will not accept business name that can be confused with a company already existing)

Incorporation and Registration of your Limited Liability Company (Ltd)

We carry out all the procedures for the creation and incorporation of your LTD., in a matter of days.

Administrative management of your LTD

Storage of the annual report and accounts (accounts provided by third parts) at the business office registration. Control of changes of directors, legal head office, shareholders, increase of share capital. Maintenance and updating of mandatory registers. Registration of minutes of meeting, included the annual general meeting and the pertinent notification.

Fiduciary shareholders and professional directors

Privacy is a duty for us and the trustee director will ensure the highest level of confidentiality. Once appointed, an agreement will be signed in order to ensure that the Trustee can act or sign documents only upon request and after approval of the customer. You may also appoint a fiduciary shareholder if the customer does not wish to appear. Also in this case an agreement will be signed.

Virtual office

We will receive and transfer your correspondence. You will be assigned a phone number and calls will be handled via voicemail or transfer of call to the appropriate terminal or transferred diretly to your own phone.

Visual identities, creation of the website, letterhead, stamp

The image you decide to give to the clientele is of fundamental importance. Our staff will create your logo, business cards, letterhead, internet web site.

Bank account – Online Banking services

A bank account will be opened in the company name .

Debit card

A debit card will be activated when the bank account is opened giving you direct access to your funds anywhere in the world. Credit Cards can be applied for after a period of 3 months.

Corporate Transfer

We offer services of administration and legal representation of the Trust Company. The procedure can be completed in a few days, always in compliance with the norms. It will be possible to add or remove a company shareholder or administrator, sign contracts, change name to your company.

Trust agreements

It is a legal relationship, drawn up by our lawyer, in which a person administers the goods for third parties, who are beneficiaries.

Social Security

Create your own retirement fund with your company.


You can move your residence to our facility in Dublin.

Special benefits

By investing in certain areas of Ireland, you will have access to additional benefits, including grants / subsidies and tax contribution exemptions.


We can open a foundation for the pursuit of a certain non-profit purpose, giving the possibility to pay the professionals who work for it. The fields are: research, training, health, are just some examples.


If you are a charity and have been granted charitable status by the Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA), then you can apply for a Charitable Tax Exemption from Revenue. This means that you may be exempt from paying the following: ●Income Tax (IT) ●Corporation Tax (CT) ●Capital Gains Tax (CGT) ●Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) ●Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) ●Dividend Withholding Tax (DWT) ●Stamp Duty.