Your Irish Company With Bank Account Hassle Free Entirely By Correspondance

An Irish company gives many advantages, some of them hardly imaginable from a point of view of a foreign entrepreneur. We are pleased to offer them in a simple and direct way.

  • Are you thinking of opening a new business or transferring an existing business?
  • Do you know there are grants and subsidies available to help you achieve your goal?
  • Would you like to access free or subsidised training and university courses to help you improve your business development?
  • Do you know that there are countries in Europe that instead of suffocating your business, they can help you to strengthen it?
  • Are you thinking about how to inflation proof your savings?
  • Would you like to have your own small private pension fund , owned and operated by you on a tax free basis?
  • Sei soddisfatto della previdenza sociale in Italia?

if so, then you need to talk to us, we can help you with all of the above!